The poor economy is making families all over the country find ways they can reduce their household expenses in order to make their paychecks stretch to fit their bills and cost of living. For some families this means not going out to eat or cutting the cable television but for others who live on a tighter budget things such as childcare are being cut since for many families this is one of their biggest expenses.

This is a very unfortunate thing since the very safety of these children can be in jeopardy with substandard care being given by a neighbor or inexperienced caregiver. Of course a recent report out of New York told of a desperate mother who could not find care at all that she could afford so she was leaving her 4 year old in the car outside of her work and going out periodically to check on her. Of course we all understand and feel this tight economy but it would be great if the economic stimulus plan could help families so that our children can continue to receive adequate daycare so that they remain safe at all times. It will be a good day when we know longer need to worry about child tracking devices.