How much is the safety of your child worth to you? There are several devices on the market that assist you in tracking and locating your child but the most effective tool over long distances is the Amber Alert child locator GPS. The other devices on the market will not help you out much if you are not in close proximity to your child so if they are abducted away from home these will be useless.

An Amber Alert GPS child locator device will work over long distances but there is a small monthly fee to access the service. But for many parents this peace of mind of being able to know their child’s location at all times is worth the monthly subscription fees that are part of the program. Of course just like most subscriptions ordering more time will result in a slight discount on the monthly fee that you must pay. So by ordering two years of service as opposed to one you can save money each and every month on the fees.
Of course if you ever talk to any parent that has ever lost a child even for a short while they will tell you that these subscription costs are worth every penny when you can send for a position request and know instantly where your child is.