An Amber Alert GPS is a great peace of mind for parents who worry about keeping track of their child when they are on their own. The ability to at any time see their exact location on a map and receive alerts when they leave areas or push an SOS button is a real relief for their worries.

These incredible GPS tracking devices have other features though that can make watching over your child more than just finding them on a map. As reports of harassment continue to rise among our children from their peers being able to listen in to conversations can also be a benefit of using one of these GPS tracking devices.

As more kids face bullying and harassment at schools and in play groups having a way to monitor a situation and listen in you can better protect your child from these other kids who make their daily lives hard. As parents we never know if the stories of bullying are exaggerations or if your child really needs you to intervene into the situation. Now you can simply listen in without your child doing anything this is especially handy when combined with the SOS feature so that you know when the problem is occurring.