For parents who have a child that has a life changing illness letting them head out to play can sometimes be hard to do. You want to watch over your child and ensure they are safe, but you know they need to have fun with their friends despite their illness. Luckily for the parents of kids whether they have a major illness or not there is the Amber Alert GPS, which allows them to help keep any eye on their children when they are not right in front of them.

These child locator devices utilize GPS technology and a web enabled cell phone to keep track of your children and allow you to know their whereabouts at any time. Each includes the additional feature of an SOS button that allows your child to let you know instantly that something is wrong. This feature will send a “Help me” text as well as an email to five predetermined friends and family that you have chosen. Included in the message is the address and map link of the child’s location so that help can come to them right away.

This is an extremely handy feature for kids with serious illness such as diabetes or even in the case of child abductions to let your child push a single button and let you know that something is wrong.

Of course as handy as this feature is parents do have the option of turning it off if they feel they do not need it or if there are an unnecessary amount of false alarms. For parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child only has to push a button and you can get word that something is wrong is priceless. This is one valuable tool whether your child has a serious illness or if you just want a little comfort in knowing your son or daughter is safe.