The one thing parents fear most is the lose of their child whether they are separated in a crowd or the child is kidnapped. We hear terrible stories almost daily of a child wandering away from their parents, mall abductions, and other scenarios that are enough to unnerve even the most steadfast of parent. Of course we cannot keep our children in the home to “keep them safe”, we must let them live a full and exciting life but we cannot have an eye on them each and every second.

Parents of today are extremely lucky that technology is available to help you track and know the whereabouts of your children all the time even when you cannot be there. An Amber Alert GPS unit can be placed in the backpack or pocket of your child so the unit can keep you in the loop on the location of your child at all times via your cell phone.
With this child locator parents no longer have to be worried when their child is a couple of minutes late coming home from school or a friends house.

The technology behind these child locator devices is fairly simple since the GPS system has been in use for many years since the military developed the satellites and used it to coordinate troops. GPS has been available to consumers for quite some time now and tracking systems are used in cell phones, cars, and other devices but only minimally to this date. The Amber Alert GPS is simply a GPS unit that you ensure your child has with them and you can program to your specific needs. Program in safe zones that your child is allowed to be in and you receive a alert when they leave the area, teach them to use the panic button in case of emergency, and even track how fast your teen is driving. For a parent there is no better piece of mind for knowing that your child is safe when you are not around.